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About Company
We are pleased to introduce ourselves.

UIT Networks is a new company, established early 2013,

thus has achieved outstanding result based on innovative ideas and advanced technology in power industry.

It is well known that power failure could lead to high economic cost and even casualties.

Our company has inspected 19.8 million distribution pole nationwide and has detected over 185,875 faulty apparatus.

And our company has done business with more than 20 countries such as

US, Mexico, Jamaica, New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Laos, Thailand, China, Poland,

Philippines Nigeria and Russia.

UIT Networks is providing ultrasonic inspection system and inspection service which is the most suitable for overhead distribution facility,

to reduce your business loss form power faulty.

We are extremely proud to be certified and recognized for our technology's originality and progressivity,

through NET (New Excellent Technology) by the ministry of knowledge & economy and CEP (Certificate of Excellent Performance) for our ultrasonic inspection technology.

Now we are further expanding our business to the utility industries. UIT Networks is proud that we have comprehensive inspection technology and method including TADS(the most advanced infrared camera system with smart analysis software) and Hybrid sensor(24/7 monitoring system for utility and factory) Also, R&D center of UIT Networks is getting ready to launch new acoustic technology such as UIT-V2.


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