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Electrical and Electronic Communication equipment Cleaner.


Electrical and Electronic Communication equipment is composed of a complex of electronic devices such as precision circuits and highly integrated semiconductors. The conductive and combustible dust or pollutant accumulated on the surface of semiconductor and charging parts are the main cause of Malfunctions and Short failures.

BTS-99 is a new technology product of environment-friendly, disaster safety certification that eliminates the risk of fire in sparks and arcs generated by electric power relay and electromagnetic switch, and can be extinguished only by spraying in case of electric fire.

■ Cleaning without interrupting power supply.

 - Dust can be removed without interruption of power supply (Can: 20KV, Solv: within 35KV)

 No flammability. Can be extinguished in case of electric fire

 - In case of initial electric fire (Spark, Arc, etc.), it can be extinguished by spraying on the spot (flame). Disaster safety certification products.

 No damage to electronic components

 - There is no damage to the PCB and the mounted electronic components.

 Dust decomposition in a short time.

 - Easily removes dust from gaps in electronic components with excellent penetration.

■ Prevent static and noise

 - There is no static or noise generated from the air compressor and vacuum sucker.

■ Environmentally friendly ingredient

 - It does not scatter dust and it is an eco-friendly product.

※ BTS-99 contains Honywell Solstice® Performance Fluid, which is non-flammable and has an ultra low global warmming potantial of 1.