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Ultrasound inspection device for power equipment.


UIT-V1, the drive by primary distribution overhead inspection system, Is the most advanced version of ultrasonic detection methods for power facility.

UIT-V1 is the patented inspection system that uses the ultrasonic technology that allows user to detect degraded equipment in a moving vehicle that can travel as fast as 30km per hour. UIT-V1 captures ultrasound that is being emitted by faulty equipment with a pinpoint accuracy by using the state of art technology as far away as 30 meters or about 100 feet from the object.

The system enables distribution engineers to detect and replace faulty equipment before they fail, which offers utilities to proactively prevent any potential costly outages. The analytical diagnostic software provides engineers the level of degradation of faulty Equipment that allows engineers to plan distribution asset managements with ease.

Since the product and service offerting in 2008, UIT-V1 and its predecessor Inspector101, INDS-U2 have been implemented and used by utilities in korea and overseas.


- Acoustic inspection for Distribution line, Substation, Transmission


- Main Device / Area detector / Connecting cable / battery charger / Bluetooth Earphone / SD type memory card / Carrying case      / Hard case.


Camera: 1280 x 720 Pixel

Lens: 2.0 MP / Optical lens

Frequency range: 20kHz ~ 150kHz

Display: 800 x 480 Pixel TFT LCD (7.0 Inch) / 600 cd

External memory type and volume: SD Card type / Max 32 GB

Date storage: WAV File Max 180 Sec / KML File (Log Data) / Condition judgment file

Battery type / Usage time: Lithium-ion (Detachable) / About 7 hours

Operating temperature: -10℃ ~ +50℃

Storage temperature: -20℃ ~ +70℃

External links: USB type RS232


   Open ultrasound detector

    - Sensitivity: -85 ~ -60dB

    - Frequency area: 35kHz ~ 45kHz

   Open type transducer housed with aluminum case

Measurable range

    - 0 ~ 140dB

    - Resolution: 1dB

    - Accuracy: ± 0.25dB

    - Long measuring range (More then 30meters) Strong anti-Interference abilities

      to inspect power poles while driving up to 30km/h (Drive by inspection)

Sound output device: 3.5Φ Earphone, 1 Watt speaker

Sensitivity: General technical specification of KEPCO

Bluetooth: Yes (Connecting ear set)

GPS: U-blox 8

Input power: DC 8.4 V

Charging time: About 3.5 Hours

Material housing: Aluminum

Size (Width x Length x Height/mm): 1950 x 167 x 50

Car charger function: Yes (Charger for vehicle/Optional)

Temp & Humidity sensor: Yes (External)

Language: Korean, English, Chinese